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We love God, We believe in God

We are pre-dominantly a rural-diocese serving the Church’ mission at the frontiers of the country. Most of our missions and parishes are located in the peripheries of the country where the poverty of the communities served is real not imagined. As a diocese we are involved in a number of life-giving pastoral activities ranging from education, health-care delivery, parish work, and social work among others. In addition, we are a discerning, responsive and pro-active diocese that is always moved by the signs and needs of our time. 


The Diocese runs twenty one parishes. Of these parishes, three are in Chinhoyi town and the rest are either in semi-urban centers or deep in the bushes of the rural areas. Our parishes and missions are grouped into deaneries. Chinhoyi has three deaneries namely, Central Denary, Western Denary and Eastern Denary. Each of these deaneries is headed by a Dean—Priest. The Central Denary is comprised of Corpus Christi Cathedral, St. Peter’s Parish, Mushawebentania, St. Kizito-Murombedzi, St. Francis Xevier-Kutama, St. Rupert Mayer-Makonde, Sacred Heart-Banket and St. James-Mutorashanga. Marymount Mission, St. Rita-Rushinga, Kristo Mambo-Mt. Darwin, St. Albert’s Mission-Centenary, Moyo Musande-Muzarabani, St. Raphael Mission- Chitsungo and St. Joseph-Guruve constitute the Eastern Denary. Finally the Western Denary is comprised of St. John’s-Alaska, St. Peter & Paul-Murereka, Christ the King- Mhangura, St. Boniface-Hurungwe, St. Christopher-Karoi and St. Barbra- Kariba. 

In all our parishes, our significant mission is that of heralding the breaking in of God’s Kingdom through the administration of sacraments and provision of ongoing formation for the laity. Our parishes also stand as symbols of unity amongst a people of different faith and political affiliations. We thus remain pillars of hope in a country that has experienced hate, intolerance, violence, decaying communal moral fabrics in terms of respect for human dignity, disintegration of families, economic collapse and ever-growing rural and urban poverty. The pastoral team of the diocese is responsible for policies and planning of the smooth running of parishes in collaboration with the priests in charge of the parishes. 

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