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Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP)

Our Mission

CCJPZ exists to promote Justice and Peace guided by Gospel Values.

Our Vision

CCJPZ envisions a God-fearing, democratic and prosperous nation.

Our Values

CCJPZ believes in Truth, Justice, Freedom and Love

Our Mandate

CCJPZ is mandated by the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference (ZCBC) to:

1.     Monitor and document human rights situation in the country for appropriate action.

2.     Research, investigate and publish situations of injustice and violence and use the information to promote justice and peace.

3.     Inform the laity and the clergy of their responsibilities to work for justice and peace as Christians.

4.     Promote informed decisions making among the clergy and the laity to influence public opinions according to the STCs.

5.     Make constructive suggestions and input for the enactment of just civil laws and their impartial administration and implementation.

6.     Empower and capacitate the clergy and the laity to understand, promote and implement STCs in their lives for the fulfilment of human potential and growth.

7.     Assist in the formation of the seminarians, clergy, religious, the laity and Christ’s faithful through the popularisation and sustaining STCs and

8.     Facilitate and disseminate Social Teachings of the church (STCs)

Our Strategy

Our strategy involves provision of public/civic education on STCs, human rights, good governance, justice, peace and participation of all, especially the poor and the marginalised to create a living environment that suits God’s plan for the earth’s creation. We provide communities with skills to research and peacefully engage and dialogue with each other and or with relevant stakeholders to build a God fearing, democratic and prosperous nation. At the national level we collaborate with organisations and institutions doing similar work to advocate and lobby for a just and peaceful nation guided by STCs.

Our Programmes

Public/Civic Education: This programme provides civic education on STCs, peace building conflict mitigation and management, human rights, justice, voting, election observation and monitoring and other timely issues that affect people.

Action for Better Governance: This programme helps communities to identify pertinent governance issues, carry out research on the identified issues and engage with responsible authorities to demand unavailable services as a way of reducing poverty.

Research and Publication: Using our resident animators all over the country, this programme gathers information on practices; actions, decisions or traditions that undermine STCs, human rights, peace and justice for informed interventions and advocacy and lobby processes. CCJPZ has published more than a dozen books on human rights and administers a blog that monitors justice and peace situation in the country.

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How We Work

We have committed volunteers all over the country (also called justice and peace actors) and full time staff at national and diocese level that are committed to work for justice and peace. We work through an effective and representative structure that starts from the National to Diocese level that have effective and functional structures that reach the remotest parts of the country where human rights abuses are usually pertinent. The roles of our National and Diocesan Offices are highlighted below:

National Office

The National Office (NO) coordinates our activities throughout the country and largely depends on advice and input from the country’s eight Dioceses. Specially, the NO

·       Strengthens the institutional capacity of CCJPZ Zimbabwe; facilitates and develops, technically and materially, the capacities of the Diocese to effectively engage in justice and peace works.

·       Develops relevant training materials, manuals and informational, educational and communication materials

·       Informs national advocacy and lobby processes on issues of justice and peace:

·       Publishers and disseminates information; updates website and administers CCJPZ blog, twitter and face book.

·       Represents CCJPZ nationally, regionally and internationally:

·       Advises the ZCBC on justice and peace issues for informed responses

Diocesan Offices

The Diocesan Offices are largely the programme implementers in line with the Principle of Subsidiary. Specifically, they are responsible for:

·       Community mobilization for justice and peace activities

·       Coordinating and conducting civic education on pertinent issues using STC as the basis

·       Coordinate research and information gathering processes

·       Producing timely reports on circumstances that undermine STCs, justice and peace and submit them to the Local Ordinary and the NO

·       Creating vibrant and effective structures (also known as CCPZ actors) at every level of society that will act as ears and eyes of justice and peace


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